So, the site isn't much yet, but it's a great place to post pictures. Click on the links below to go into the respective photo albums. Once in an album, click on a thumbnail to get into a slideshow type view. You can then use the arrow keys to go through the pictures or choose the slide show option to have it automatically go through the pictures for you.
Note:All of the pictures are scaled down for downloading purposes. If you'd like one of better quality to print out, email me at and I'll send you the full image.

Professional Wedding Pictures (Sept 2004)
Honeymoon Pictures (Sept 2004)
Glenwood Pictures (Feb 2005)
Seattle Trip Pictures (June 2005)
Ryan & Denise's Wedding (July 2005)
Chicago Pictures (July 2005)
New York Pictures (July 2005)
Casey & Kelly's Wedding (August 2005)
Dog Days at the Bay (September 2005)
Germany and Austria with Tina and Dom (May 2006)
Germany and Austria with Kari (June 2006)
Florida with Jen & Jesse (January 2007)
Random Pictures
TNT - Nate's Triple Threat Album Blog

The NMDb (Nate's Movie Database) is here!

And here's a great cheat sheet for taking photos compiled by Chris Bales. It's a great thing to review right before taking pictures to help with your composition and make the most of your photos. PhotoCheatSheet.pdf