Welcome to Nate's Triple Threat, or TNT. Each week I review three albums in a pre-determined category (Bands with Two Members, Punk Bands, Girl Bands etc.) One review will be of a New album (just released or new to me), one Tried (a classic album in the category), and True (an album within the category that is a personal favorite). Along with each written review, I'll give a star rating on a scale from 1 to 5 (5 = drop what you're doing and get this album right now and 1 = if you listen to this album you will demand to get that wasted time of your life back). For each album, Iíll also list the two ďmust haveĒ songs for those of you who donít want to download the album but who want to check out the bands. Enjoy the reviews and keep on rockin'. Suggestions for categories or albums to review are always welcome!