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239 Jen cracking Eric up

Jen cracking Eric up

248 The wedding party

The wedding party

251 Laura and the boys

Laura and the boys

254 Nate and the girls

Nate and the girls

269 Laura's family

Laura's family

273 Barthules, Marfutas, Olsons, & Grandpa

Barthules, Marfutas, Olsons, & Grandpa

275 with Laura's parents

with Laura's parents

280 Barthule women

Barthule women

281 Barthule/Powell women

Barthule/Powell women

283 Powells


289 Labs & Olsons

Labs & Olsons

292 Labs/Olson cousins

Labs/Olson cousins

295 with Nate's family

with Nate's family

296 with Nate's parents

with Nate's parents

299 with Doug & Terrie

with Doug & Terrie

302 Nate, Laura & Kari

Nate, Laura & Kari

312 kissing


316 Nate & Laura in front of the window

Nate & Laura in front of the window

327 on the deck

on the deck

338 more kissing

more kissing

345 Jen and Jenn

Jen and Jenn

357 rings


361 fake cake cutting

fake cake cutting

375 the rain stopped!

the rain stopped!

399 do we ever stop kissing?

do we ever stop kissing?

403 Dorrie cracking up

Dorrie cracking up